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Chris Jones

Site Manager

Chris Jones, joins the TRUE team as our Senior Site Manager. He began his career over four decades ago as a carpenter and joiner. By 2000, he transitioned into site management, showcasing his adaptability and drive. Boasting comprehensive expertise, Chris has hands-on experience across all facets of construction. What truly sets him apart is his exceptional ability to maintain composure even in the most demanding situations. He firmly believes that undue stress only magnifies the potential for errors. With his vast experience, he's cultivated a relaxed approach, asserting that a project will always reach its completion, no matter the hurdles.


At TRUE, Chris's methodology in site management is straightforward — ensure operations are conducted safely, smoothly, and efficiently. It's this commitment that has solidified his reputation as a reliable and trusted figure in our team.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Chris is an avid traveller. His journeys have taken him from the bustling streets of India and Vietnam to the vast expanses of South America. Among these adventures, South America stands out for him, with its breath-taking natural wonders, be it the iconic Machu Picchu, the expansive Patagonia, or the mesmerizing glaciers. When not exploring new destinations, Chris enjoys a serene round of golf and indulges in his fondness for red wine.

Chris Jones
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