The TRUE Difference

TRUE was formed to be a different kind of construction company, but different how? Let us tell you a TRUE story.

A client engaged us to transform their new office space. We presented a design, the client loved it, a budget was approved and we got to work. While the project was in construction phase, we discovered a way that we could save this client $8,000.00! Now if TRUE didn’t stake our entire reputation on being honest, truthful and transparent we could have pocketed this savings and the client would have been none-the-wiser.

Fortunately for the client, they appointed a different kind of construction company. We articulated this savings without a second’s hesitation. They were so impressed with our honesty and it enabled them to reinvest the $8,000 back into the project. So in the end, the client received an even better quality fitout whilst keeping right within their budget.

This is just one example of the TRUE difference. The relationships we form with our clients don’t end when a project is successfully handed over. We build trust-based, long-lasting relationships. It’s one of the reasons so many clients re-engage us for future projects. TRUE Projects is proud to be different; proud to be TRUE to our clients and TRUE to our word.