Reinventing the Office

(Pictured Commvault’s new agile work space designed by Strutt Studios delivered by TRUE)

2020 has revolutionised the office environment. Work is no longer as dependant on geography as it is on technology. We are finding that agile workspaces are trending and the workstation per employee ratio is no longer 1:1.  

What’s been introduced is the idea of ‘flexible working.’ Employees are now given options as to which working style best suits,

not only their needs, but allows them greatest productivity. Change Management Consultants are now in high demand to transition the workforce from the mundane routines of the past to the innovative solutions of the future.     

(Pictured Opal Age Care’s innovative breakout

area designed by Wool + Hay delivered by TRUE )

So what does this mean for the future of the office space as we currently know it? Many are finding that downsizing is not only a viable option at the moment, but a necessary one. The financial strain that COVID has placed on many companies can be greatly alleviated with an office move. And with the change in the workplace fully comprehended, we now have the tools, gadgets, tips, and tricks to design office spaces that have adapted to the new way in which work…works.