Office fit out guidelines for 2020

The way of working is changing. In the next decade, Millennials will be the major part of the workforce, and with that comes the need for more human, informal, technologic and sustainable workplaces. We put together a few trends that can’t be ignored when planning a new office fit out in 2020


Whereas geometrical shapes are an economical and efficient alternative for office interiors, the up-market look of curved accents can make spaces look more sophisticated. Comfortable chairs and living room style furniture also give the office the residential look that is such a growing trend in 2020.

According to Designer Eliza Monti from Hot Black, there will also be a restrained use of bold colours through finishes and materiality, with colour schemes reflecting the intense use of plants. Its seems like the earthy tones that made it in 2019 will keep being a popular choice next year. She also added that workspaces are adapting into innovation spaces including more collaborative working areas, to cater for this we will see workstation sizes reduce.


Sustainability is a huge topic at the moment. Just like new habits are being incorporated to a personal level, corporations are also rethinking their footprint impact. Environmental-friendly choices will no longer be optional but rather become the norm.


Australians are well known for their love of good coffee. Our clients are designing cafe environments into the breakout space including investing into good quality coffee machines, not only does this save money but also helps productivity.


Plants have always been an important inclusion in office design however we have seen an increasing usage. Paul Mead from Posh Services indoor plant hire said that he has seen his business double over the past two years and expects this to continue at the same rate into 2020.


Buildings that operate according to the needs of people are already a reality. Lifts are optimized, light sensors capture human presence, devices monitor room temperature, energy and water utilisation. Offices located in smart buildings are developed to serve its users with flexibility and in a sustainable way with need of minimal human intervention.


If work has been perceived as a major source of stress for many, caring for the mental health of their employees entered the agenda of many companies lately. In an office fit out, that is reflected in people-centric designs that include spaces for relaxation, socializing areas and, depending on the industry, even game rooms.


When projecting offices that accommodate portable work, details like power outlets and wireless charging stations need to be made available throughout the office. Also, with companies establishing national presence and coordinating global teams comes the importance of video conferencing technology, smartboards and all other types of technology that makes efficient communication possible.