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Mighty Sound

Mighty Sound Studios

Annandale NSW 2038

120sqm (2 levels)



Mighty sound is a full-service audio post-production studio located in Annandale, a suburb rich in the legacy of live music and industry. This history provided the perfect foundations to build a cutting sound design studio, and Mighty Sound was born.


The Mighty Sound team acquired a space that was apt for a recording studio that consisted of

A postproduction studio for TV, digital media, commercials, and film. Mighty Studio engaged TRUE Projects and Design TRUE to ensure their vision became a reality.


Project Overview

The biggest challenge that TRUE had to overcome was to ensure the control room and recording studios were able to completely eliminate any noise source that might impact the recording production. For example, understanding and addressing air-conditioning air flow noise.


The main brief was to focus on the acoustic panels to guarantee that sound does not flow through from the recording studio to the control room. TRUE was able to achieve this by providing recommendations and with extensive knowledge input from the client.


Apart from getting the acoustic panels, there was a challenge with extremely tight time frames due to lease expiry. This was achieved through carefully managing and coordinating trades to work simultaneously but without obstructing each other.


The TRUE team were extremely accommodating to ensuring the client's requirements and specifications were met by including 2 production studios and a dedicated recording booth across 2 levels and exposing a concrete slab ceiling to enhance acoustic performance within the design.



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