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Fitout Aftercare


At TRUE, our commitment goes beyond the initial project – we aim to cultivate lasting relationships with our clients. Our Fitout Aftercare service is meticulously crafted to guarantee that your office space retains its adaptability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal long after the construction and fitout stages have concluded.


We understand that the true test of success is the longevity of your workspace's appeal and practicality, which is why we offer a comprehensive post-construction solution to ensure your office remains a vibrant, efficient, and visually pleasing environment for years to come.


Our Fitout Aftercare package commences with an 18-month review. Our expert team returns to your workspace to assess how effectively the design and functionality align with the ever-evolving requirements of your business. In case any issues or opportunities for enhancement emerge, we swiftly pinpoint them for resolution.

In addition, space optimisation remains a crucial component of our Fitout Aftercare service. As businesses evolve and adapt, the original layout may not be as effective in meeting your needs as it once was. Our dedicated team collaborates with you to envision and reconfigure your space to better suit your current operational requirements.


In order to maintain a comfortable and productive work environment, our furniture audits are designed to assess the state and functionality of your current furniture. After a thorough examination, we provide customised recommendations, which could involve repairing, replacing, or adding new furniture components that align more closely with your specific requirements. Our goal is to optimise your workspace for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Ready for Continued Excellence?

Learn more about how our Fitout Aftercare can offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your workspace is in capable hands, now and into the future.

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