Workplace Design

Workplace Design

At the very core of every successful office fit-out is a deep understanding of how a business operates whilst also knowing what is required to produce the best environment for its people to thrive. Introducing the right design talent early in the project journey for an integrated design and construction engagement will maximise your opportunity to create a high performing workplace for your business to excel.

Design True is our group interior design studio with the prime focus of designing inspiring commercial workplace interiors, which aims to capture the unique requirements of each client they partner with. Their end-to-end design methodology will guide you through a discovery and design phase before producing detailed documentation to inform the delivery and construction of your new office space.

Through collaborating with Design TRUE, TRUE Projects can draw efficiencies from a consistent and unified approach, whilst ensuring highly accurate costing and programming of works that result in a creative and streamlined experience.


Working hand in hand from the inception of a project, our project management, design and construction professionals leverage a wealth of creative and management experience to deliver environments that engage, inspire and empower....unique to every client we work with.


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